CATC’s November market… went with a bang!

I can’t believe it was a month ago that Curiosity and the Cat debuted at the Farnham Maltings Monthly Market. It was an eye-wateringly fresh and early start, a frenzied set-up and an excited wait until doors opened.

It was a non-stop day – meeting some fantastically talented and interesting local artisans and traders who had their own stalls there, to introducing Curiosity and the Cat to a welcoming public, to being overwhelmed by the family and friends who turned up to surprise and support Curiosity and the Cat. Thank you Jamie, Mum, Dad, Dylan, Chess, Pip, Annie, Chris, Debbie, David, Anya, Rick and Laura!

Whats more… I’m delighted to have got some great feedback, encouragement and even… returning customers! Can’t hope for more than that. Thank you Farnham Maltings, hope to see you again soon.



  1. Ann Orriss

    Well done, it looked wonderful. So great to see it all set-up like that. Tell us when the next one is!

  2. Emma Maltz

    Sorry to have missed it. Pics look ace!

  3. Cat @ CATC

    From Farnham Maltings themselves…

    @CuriosityATCat That's so nice to hear! Glad you enjoyed your day.— Farnham Maltings (@farnhammaltings) November 3, 2014

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