1. Sophie

    I like the baby next to the chair – is he on sale too!?

    1. Cat @ CATC

      He’s priceless! But you can come and say hi any time Sophie 🙂

  2. Chelsea Ash

    We bought a set of 4 dining chairs from Cat at the Maltings on Saturday. They are excellent quality and beautifully restored. We love them!

    1. Cat Needle

      So glad you like them Chelsea, thank you so much for the feedback. Hope you have lots of happy mealtimes using them!

  3. Laura Bond

    Just wanted to let you know Eva LOVES her gorgeous princess chair! She sits in it to watch cartons and have her snack, it’s so beautifully painted, what a lucky girl! I’ve already had lots of questions about where I got it from!

    1. Cat @ CATC

      The vintage, almost antique, 1920’s little princess chair has gone to such a good home. So happy Eva loves it. Can’t wait to see her in it!

  4. Sharon

    Hello , new to site ! Where do I find price ? Love little round pink chair !

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